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Bonita Honey & Beekeeping

the Taste of honey

At Bonita Honey we receive many comments concerning the taste and color 

of our honey…….”I want the exact honey I bought earlier”, “I like dark honey”, 

“I like light honey”, “I love your honey”, “This is the best honey that I’ve ever 


Although some apiaries extract honey at precise times or mix honey to produce 

a consistent taste, we allow the bees to dictate what nectar sources they use for the time of year.  That produces fall or winter honey that may be a little darker in color with more complex flavors, and a spring/early summer honey that may be lighter in color and more delicate in taste. We even get a honey that is a bit iridescent.  Each batch is unique. Hundreds of different species of plants (many of them in your yards) contribute to the richness and flavor.  The variety of tastes and colors make for a raw, local, honey that is from chemical free hives and is rewarding to the taste buds!!  AND don’t forget that each bottle of Bonita Honey is bottled with love by the same people. 

BTW The bees really enjoy your Cabbage Palms and Saw Palmetto!